The Canter that can carry baggage speedily

Even if the speed comes to considered not to be necessary on a truck, it becomes important to a cuttlefish simply because it is a truck whether it drives fast, and it is easy to do it.
I can send baggage having margin if I can speed up smoothly while following a speed limit.
Because I can push forward duties having margin, I may do careful driving.
Conversely, I come to have no time before sending baggage to spare, and it is thought about causing an accident because a feeling gets impatient if I cannot speed up smoothly.
When it thinks so, it is an important point to be easy to speed up.
I came on various trucks, but will be a Canter firmly until now if it is said that it drives fast and is easy to do it.
There has not been appearance しやすものに at speed than a Canter until now.
If the sharpness corner of the steering wheel is others in ten minutes, at the place where a counterattack is necessary many times, a Canter blow is often OK.
There is little this counterattack number of times and considerably likes a place finishing.

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