A steering and engine of the Dyna

An impression of the steerings is a very rather light impression. In addition, the center non-feeling obi (part not to feel to be even if I throw over some steering wheels) is a considerably big impression for a very thick-skinned impression because it is a truck. Furthermore, it is an angle of the steerings to be the most different from a car. The tilt mechanism (the mechanism that the angle of the steering wheel is changed to) is included, but still hardly becomes the angle such as the car. Because the steering becomes such an angle because a human being just sits down on a tire, there is no way. However, it is thought that this does not have any problem if used.
The engine is a gasoline engine of 2.0L. Because this kind of truck is loaded with a lot of baggage, it is thought that a big diesel engine of the torque is more preferable, but this gasoline engine does not have any problem, and, in the point that thinks in the gasoline engine concerning a compact truck dissatisfiedly, there are none. In addition, as for the noise and the vibration, this neighborhood admired the at the rate of of the truck with a quiet thing.

About Toyota's Used Truck, The Dyna